Amazon Workshop for Future Group Leaders

March 12-19, 2022


Jackie McCann and

Kristie Reddick & Jessica Honaker

aka The Bug Chicks!

updated: 10/14/2021


~ $1,695 land per person

~ Participants buy own air from USA to Iquitos, Peru

~ Minimum group size is 10 travelers


Checks to:


PO Box 604

Poulsbo, WA 98370

Zelle to:

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Want to Travel with Students? Ready. Set. Go!

Ready to start traveling with students but wondering how to make it happen? This is the workshop for you!

Join Jackie McCann, seasoned teacher and student group leader, and Kristie Reddick & Jessica Honaker, aka The Bug Chicks, for an exciting, engaging, and educational trip to the Peruvian Amazon.

Learn the ins and outs of traveling with students while you explore the world’s greatest rainforest - the mighty Amazon.

Everything you need to prepare can be found on this page. Questions? Contact
Liz Wall at EcoTeach.

Trip Countdown

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Your Amazon Workshop ~ Leaders and Learnings

You are about to embark on the ultimate field trip and learn the steps to share it with your students! During your time in Peru, you will explore the Amazon rainforest from top to bottom and meet the wonderful people who call this amazing place home.

Meet your trip leaders:

Jackie McCann has been an elementary teacher for 31 years and a student travel leader for almost 20!  She visited the Amazon for only two nights in 2015 and was captivated with the endless wonder of the jungle and its endearing people. It was literally a life-changing experience for her. Since then she has returned numerous times and spent almost a year on sabbatical with Explorama Lodges (where we will be). She's excited to share her knowledge and experience so that you too can become a student travel leader to one of the most extraordinary places on earth.  

Kristie Reddick and Jessica Honaker are The Bug Chicks - entomologists, educators and sci-comm specialists. They teach about the incredible world of arthropods (bugs!) and specialize in seamlessly blending arthropod science with social emotional concepts like self-awareness, empathy, and personal potential. Each year they travel to the Amazon rainforest as faculty with the Morpho Institute's Educator Academy and with the JASON Learning Argonaut program to work with teachers and students, respectively. Their latest project, the award-winning curriculum DIFFERENT, blends STEM and SEL to create an evidence-based, positive mindset shift in students. 

This special Group Leader Workshop is designed for learning and exploration and each day is full of hands-on workshops, activities, and experiences to help you discover Amazon wildlife, interact with indigenous cultures, and plan a trip for your students!

Workshop Registration

Just download, complete and sign the Registration Form.
A $500 deposit is due by December 15, 2021.

Payment Dates

December 15, 2022 ~ $500 deposit due

February 1, 2022 ~ Remaining balance due ($1,195)

Workshop Highlights!

What you'll do...

Discover – Amazing Biodiversity

  • Hike down trails in search of amazing insects, frogs, and monkeys
  • Boat along the Amazon to find sloths, toucans, and pink river dolphins
  • Learn about Amazon biodiversity from local guides and scientists

Engage – with Amazon Cultures

  • Spend a day of service in an Amazon river community
  • Learn about traditional Amazon life from the Yagua
  • Meet the Maijuna and learn how they protect their ancestral lands
  • Fish for Piranha and eat it for lunch!

Explore – the Rainforest Canopy

  • Experience the rainforest canopy – where 90% of all Amazon life lives
  • Walk through the treetops on 1/4 mile canopy walkway
  • Enjoy unbroken views of a million acres of protected Amazon rainforest

Learn – Proven Strategies for Successful Student Travel

  • Explore the academic and social emotional learning benefits of student travel
  • Consider how bringing students to the Amazon will feed your individual passion and professional goals
  • Discuss how to make student travel equitable with fundraising
  • Develop a plan of action for future travel


See the full trip itinerary


Study Sites, Projects, & Partners

Important Trip Information!

Passports and Visas

A passport is required for this workshop. A passport card cannot be used for travel to Peru. Apply right away if you don't have a current passport.

For US citizens, no visa is needed to enter Peru, but if your passport expires within 6 months from date of entry, we recommend you check entry requirements with the Embassy of Peru.

Visit the U.S. Department of State for passport and travel information.

Citizens of other countries must check directly with the Embassy of Peru to determine entry requirements. We urge you to review these requirements as soon as you register for the trip.

Protect Your Investment ~
Purchase Travel Insurance!

EcoTeach strongly encourages the purchase of a comprehensive travel insurance plan to protect your investment!

We work with Travel Insured, and can provide a quote for you. Or you Insure My Trip to select from options that meet your criteria.

Please note:  As EcoTeach is not providing the coverage, you must review the plan terms/ conditions carefully and determine if the plan meets your needs. You are free to purchase travel protection coverage from any company you choose.

Flight Information

Participants are responsible for booking their international flights to Iquitos, Peru. There is a minimum of 10 participants for the trip to move forward. We'd recommend waiting to purchase your airfare, or  purchasing refundable tickets, until mid-December when the number of travelers is confirmed.

If you have questions or need more information or clarification before booking your flights, please contact Liz Wall.

Once your flights have been booked, please email your flight details and confirmation number to EcoTeach.

Minor Permission to Travel

Travelers under the age of 18 on the
day of departure must have written
permission of their parents/guardians.
Return the notarized form to the
Trip Leader, NOT to EcoTeach.

What people are saying...

The most enjoyable part was being out really early in the morning and listening to the night sounds (frogs and insects) silence and the day time noises (birds, monkeys, and people) begin.

 ~ High school student

Watching the kids bond with each other and watching their world view expand. It was also rewarding to experience this with the students myself as well as the other educators.

~ Teacher

Everything we did was exhilarating! Whether it pushed me out of my comfort zone or not, I enjoyed everything about this trip and all of the well thought out workshops that we participated in.

~ High school student

The trip was fantastic and I wanted to go back to Peru the second I left.

~ Student

What else do we need to know?

Who We Are

Transformational Travel and Learning

Established by a teacher in 1994, EcoTeach has taken nearly 15,000 student and adult travelers on educational tours to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru and Ecuador — our objective is to make travel as easy and safe as possible, using every opportunity along the way to share and teach. We believe travel can change the world!

Our programs in the Peruvian Amazon find new ways to immerse educators, students, and naturalists into the fascinating world of tropical ecology, indigenous culture, sustainable development, and rainforest research. We believe travel can change the world!

What's Included?
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Need More Information?

The Amazon Workshops are produced by a team of committed people who work together to make this a life experience for every traveler. With questions, contact:

  • Liz Wall, Administrative Manager, EcoTeach
    Email or Phone: 800-626-8992, ext 15