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2020 Untamed Science Amazon Expedition


July 11 - July 19, 2020


Rob Nelson


$2,750 (land costs + Peru in-country air)


Participants responsible for purchasing own flight to Lima, Peru

updated: 3/2/2020

MACHU PICCHU Extension: July 18-24, 2020

~ $1,895 land cost; plus $350 estimated air (Iquitos-Cusco-Lima)

Welcome Untamed Science Amazon Expedition Members

We’re excited you are traveling with us to the world’s greatest rainforest - the mighty Amazon!

All relevant trip details and other helpful information is available on this page.  What adventures await me?   Check.  What do I need to pack?  Check.  What forms do I need to sign?  Check.  Everything you need is all here!

Contact Stephanie Hall, stephanie@ecoteach.com, with questions or if we can assist in any way!

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Your Amazon Experience

You are about to embark on the ultimate field trip!  During your time in Peru, you will explore the Amazon rainforest from top to bottom and meet the wonderful people who call this amazing place home.

Your Amazon program is designed for learning and exploration and each day is full of hands-on workshops, activities, and experiences to help you discover Amazon wildlife, interact with indigenous cultures, and contribute to rainforest research!

Trip Highlights!

What you'll do...

Discover – Amazing Biodiversity

  • Hike down trails in search of amazing insects, frogs, and monkeys
  • Boat along the Amazon to find sloths, toucans, and pink river dolphins
  • Learn about Amazon biodiversity from local guides and scientists

Engage – with Amazon Cultures

  • Spend a day of service in an Amazon river community
  • Discover the power of medicinal plants from an Amazon shaman
  • Meet the Maijuna and learn how they protect their ancestral lands
  • Fish for Piranha and eat it for lunch!

Explore – the Rainforest Canopy

  • Experience the rainforest canopy – where 90% of all Amazon life lives
  • Walk through the treetops on 1/4 mile canopy walkway
  • Enjoy unbroken views of a million acres of protected Amazon rainforest

See Full Trip Itinerary 

Study Sites, Projects, & Partners

Program Registration

Just download, complete and sign the Registration Form.

A $200 deposit reserves your place.

What people are saying...

The most enjoyable part was being out really early in the morning and listening to the night sounds (frogs and insects) silence and the day time noises (birds, monkeys, and people) begin.

 ~ High school student

Watching the kids bond with each other and watching their world view expand. It was also rewarding to experience this with the students myself as well as the other educators.

~ Teacher

Everything we did was exhilarating! Whether it pushed me out of my comfort zone or not, I enjoyed everything about this trip and all of the well thought out workshops that we participated in.

~ High school student

The trip was fantastic and I wanted to go back to Peru the second I left.

~ Student

Program Payments

Payment Schedule

While full payment upon registration is appreciated, typically payments are due on the following schedule.

Note the different payment amounts for those joining the Machu Picchu Extension.

If you are traveling only to the Amazon

March 15, 2020 ~ $850 due
April 15, 2020 ~ $850 due
May 15, 2020 ~ must be paid in full

If you are traveling to the Amazon and Machu Picchu

March 15, 2020 ~ $1500 due
April 15, 2020 ~ $1500 due
May 15, 2020 ~ must be paid in full

If you'd like to discuss an alternative payment plan, contact your EcoTeach Trip Coordinator as early as possible.

Click below for our payment address and cancellation policy.


Need to cancel? Please complete, sign and return the cancellation form.

Travel Protection Plans

As a courtesy, EcoTeach will purchase a Travel Protection Plan on behalf of travelers in most groups. This helps provide coverage once the trip has departed.

While it does NOT provide coverage before the trip departs, an optional plan is available for groups of 10 or more!

EcoTeach strongly encourages the purchase of Travel Insureds’ Group Deluxe Plan or the Group Deluxe with Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) Plan. This additional coverage helps provide many insurance benefits and non-insurance assistance services. CFAR must be purchased within 14 days of your initial trip deposit. CFAR is not available to residents of New York.

Please note:  As EcoTeach is not providing the coverage, you must review the plan terms/ conditions carefully and determine if the plan meets your needs. You are free to purchase travel protection coverage from any company you choose.

Travel Documents and Flight Information


A passport is required for travel to Peru.

For US citizens, a passport valid for six months is required to enter and depart Peru. As of January 2020, no visa is needed. Visit the U.S. Department of State to confirm passport and travel information. (Note: a passport "card" cannot be used for travel to Peru.)

Citizens of other countries must check directly with the Embassy of Peru to determine entry requirements. We urge you to review these requirements as soon as you register for the trip.

Minor Permission to Travel

Travelers under the age of 18 on the
day of departure must have written
permission of their parents/guardians.
Return the notarized form to the
Trip Leader, NOT to EcoTeach.

Flight Information

Participants are responsible for booking their international flights to Lima, Peru.

FLIGHTS TO LIMA:  Plan to arrive Lima anytime on July 11.  Most flights arrive mid to late evening. Please allow at least 2-3 hours connection time on your international flights to Lima.  Airlines are often delayed, making it easy to miss a connection that has no back-up flight until the next day.

The hotel reserved for July 11 is the Costa del Sol adjacent to the airport. There is a sky bridge from the airport terminal to the hotel.

FLIGHTS BACK TO THE USA:  After our Amazon Workshop program, you will arrive back to Lima early afternoon on July 18 to connect with departures to the U.S. and will be responsible for any costs after this point.

You should book your return flight to depart after 9 p.m. on July 18, arriving back in the USA on July 19.

FLIGHTS BACK TO THE USA (MACHU PICCHU EXTENSION):  The flights from Cusco back to Lima will be in the late afternoon / early evening on July 23. You can book your air to depart any time after 10 p.m. on July 23 and will arrive back in the USA on July 24.

NOTE:  Often you can purchase tickets all the way to Iquitos and save on overall flight costs. If you want to explore that option, please contact us for more information.


Packing List

All you need to know about packing
for your trip!

What else do we need to know?

Who We Are

Transformational Travel and Learning

Established by a teacher in 1994, EcoTeach has taken nearly 15,000 student and adult travelers on educational tours to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru and Ecuador — our objective is to make travel as easy and safe as possible, using every opportunity along the way to share and teach. We believe travel can change the world!

Our programs in the Peruvian Amazon find new ways to immerse educators, students, and naturalists into the fascinating world of tropical ecology, indigenous culture, sustainable development, and rainforest research. We believe travel can change the world!

What's Included?
Safety in the Amazon
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Need More Information?

EcoTeach's Amazon programs are produced by a team of committed people who work together to make this a life experience for every traveler.

  • With questions about the educational program and experience in Peru contact:
    Christa Dillabaugh, Amazon Program Coordinator
    Email or Phone: 800-626-8992, ext. 5
  • With questions about logistics, forms, and flight arrangements contact:
    Stephanie Hall, Sales Manager, EcoTeach
    Email or Phone: 800-626-8992, ext 10